Patient Testimonials

At the Community Health Center, you are not just a patient. You are part of their family. The providers and staff really listen to you. If you don't understand certain medical terms, they will explain it until you understand by breaking it down into simple language for you. I love the service I receive at the center. They make sure my needs are always met.
FAU Community Health Center Street 8th location has been a tremendous support for the community and especially for my family. Dr. Chambers is doing an awesome job. She is the primary care physician for my mom who had a stroke. Dr. Chambers is very thorough when it comes to her patients and their medical needs.
I want to take this opportunity to share with you my satisfying experience at the Community Health Center at U.B. Kinsey Educational Community Center. I visited the Health Center to get a COVID-19 2nd booster vaccination. In summary, the whole experience was wonderful. Dr. Chambers and Ms. Sully were polite, knowledgeable, and very professional. These qualities are important to clients coming in for COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID-19 testing, and other health services offered at the health center. The services FAU Health offer in this low to moderate income community is critical and sorely needed.