Adult Day Care Program

Adults Golfing at FAU Nursing Adult Day Care


Adult Day Care is designed to provide a wide variety of services and programs that stimulate cognitively, physically, and socially - with the intent of helping participants maintain their highest level of functioning.   
The program operates simultaneous activities for participants with mild to moderate memory impairment. There is a special track for persons with Parkinson's disease and one for persons with young-onset dementia, as well as a program for participants whose primary language is Spanish. 

The Adult Day Care program building is designed to accommodate several small group activities at the same time, conducted in various locations.  Therefore, participants receive as much individualized attention as possible and can develop and maintain personal interests and relationships in a more intimate setting. 

Examples of activities include art classes, table games, small group "brain games," such as word games, group storytelling, and reminiscing, music groups, gentle chair yoga, gentle chair exercises, putting, pool, discussion groups, current events groups, flower arranging, crafts, library time, and many more.  
Also, the Day Care program is designed to provide health and social services for participants and their families. A registered nurse is on-site on a full-time basis. The nurse administers and manages medications, assesses the participants' health status, facilitates ongoing communications with the participants' health care providers, monitors vital signs and chronic conditions, and provides information and support for participants and caregivers.  

Participation in the Day Care program also provides important respite for family caregivers.  A comprehensive array of supportive services and programs is offered to caregivers (see Sustaining the Caregiver section). 

Example of Monthly Day Center Calendar

Sample Day Center Menu

Adults Painting at FAU Nursing Adult Day Care


Fee Schedule & Registration Process


Fees range from $60 - $70 for a half day. Fees range from $80 - $90 for a full day. 
* A limited number of scholarships are available on established, income-based need. 


Adult Day Care Program Registration Process

Welcome to the Adult Day Care Program of the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center. Below you will find the procedures that you will experience as you register for our Program.

  • First step is the initial tour of the facility followed by a review of our calendar of events and sample menu.    
  • During this meeting we will conduct a recreation assessment to identify some of the interests of the potential participant.    
  • Next, we will set up a trial visit to determine if the program is a good fit for the participant.     
  • If this trial visit results in a favorable response, then we will need to have a completed health care provider’s report that identifies any health conditions, allergies, current medications, proof that the participant is free of tuberculosis and any communicable diseases. Proof of fully completed COVID-19 vaccination, at least two weeks prior to attending the Day Center, will also be required.    
  • We will require a comprehensive initial screening conducted by our Nurse Practitioner to determine a baseline of appropriate programs and care for the potential participant. The screening will include a family needs assessment, history and physical evaluation including a review of participant’s medications. Our goal is to work with you and your Health Care Providers to maintain the highest possible level of cognitive, functional and psycho-social health and further improve quality of life.    
  • The family member will meet with our Case Manager or Day Center Nurse to complete the forms that will become a part of the participant’s chart.  At this time, we will need the following:    
    1. Participant’s Social Security Number  
    2. Participant’s Date of Birth
    3. Health insurance information
    4. Emergency contact information
    5. Primary Care Provider’s information
    6. Signed contract for days of attendance
    7. Advance Directives Documentation  

Adult Day Care Program Rates

Our Adult Day Care program is divided into several groups based upon the needs of the participants.

Level 1           Full Day- $80     Half Day- $60 
Level 2           Full Day- $90     Half Day- $70 
We hope the participant will find this experience pleasant and will join our Adult Day Care Program Family.