Comprehensive Driver Evaluations

The driving evaluation offered at the Memory and Wellness Center is a comprehensive assessment of several cognitive areas that are involved in an individual’s ability to drive safely. Areas that are examined are attention/concentration, visual-spatial ability, processing speed, and higher-order thinking abilities (i.e. problem-solving). In addition, a clinical interview is conducted to assess the psychological and cognitive status and make appropriate recommendations to the individual and his/her physician or another health care provider, as authorized by the participant.

In addition, the individual participates in an on-road driving test with a driving instructor. This part of the evaluation is essential to assess the individual’s ability to handle the car safely, follow traffic rules and regulations, follow directions, process information, and make adequate decisions on the road.

The overall goal of this comprehensive driving evaluation is to assist in keeping the participant and individuals in the community safe and by identifying any possible cognitive/psychological changes that may affect their driving and overall quality. In addition, appropriate recommendations would be made with the aim to avoid further decline. Follow-up counseling is offered when needed as well as information regarding transportation options and assistance with developing an alternative transportation plan.


For self-assessment and decision-making: